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An innovation in hydration technology that turns almost any bottle into a hydration system in 3 easy steps. The convertube is compatible with most standard bottles including the Nordic Kayaks water bottle.


The Convertube by Source gives you the ability to drink on the move without taking the bottle out of the pack. The kit contains four adaptors, a tube with the Helix bite valve and a Dirt Shield.


The Convertube™ adaptors

  • Sigg 
  • Nalgene (63mm) 
  • Evian 
  • Standard PET 
  • Liquitainers Source
  • Nordic Kayaks drink bottle


Tube length - 94 cm
Inner tube length (inserted into the bottle) - 35 cm

    Source Convertube - Water Bottle Adaptor (suits NK Bottles)

    GST Included
    Out of Stock
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