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The Dynamic is designed to compete in races at any level.  The choice of the 2021 World and Olympic Champion, Ricarda Funk.

The blade has a raindrop shape which gives immediate catch to keep your boat moving fast. The advantage of this shape is more control at any time. It manoeuvres smoothly while you make your moves and has a powerful catch in the water.

This paddle encourages you to make more vertical and efficient strokes.

With it's 316 stainless steel blade tip you can push off from the sides of a course and ensures a longer lifetime of the paddle.  


Blade Sizes

  • Medium, 710 cm2, weight set blades 600 - 630 gram
    • designed for female and lighter male paddlers
  • Large (cosmetic seconds) 755 cm2, weight set blades 620- 650 gram 
    • designed for stronger male paddlers



  • Carbon fibre pressure molding construction
  • PVC foam core for increased strength and reduced weight
  • 316 stainless steel edge for increased durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Standard with ultralight 100% carbon filament wound shaft for weight reduction and feel
  • Fixed or adjustable length options

Double Dutch Dynamic Slalom Paddle

PriceFrom $480.00
GST Included
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