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The Hubby Foot Pump system is the choice of champions worlwide. Designed to be effective and of minimalistic design to avoid issues.


ZSS offers the pump in 3 models:

  • Standard K1 Pump - 2 x 120mm inflation pumps
  • Modified K1 Pump - 1 x 140mm inflation pump
  • Standard K2 Pump - 2 x 140mm inflation pumps


The Standard K1 and K2 Pumps consists of two inflations (one under each foot), two nylon inflation brackets, two inlet and two outlet valves, pickup tubing, T-connectors, stainless steel screws, and outlet plug.


The Modified K1 Pump consists of one K2 size inflation, one nylon inflation brackets, one inlet and one outlet valve, pickup tubing, T-connector, stainless steel screws, and outlet plug.


The non-return valves are nylon injected, with a neoprene ball attached to a high quality stainless steel spring. The valves do not block as they are self cleaning in use.


The K1 pump is capable of pumping 4.5 litres of water per minute.

The K2 pump is capable of pumping 5.0 litres of water per minute.


Installation instruction sheet included

Hubby Foot Pumps Systems

PriceFrom $90.00
GST Included
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