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The latest blade shape from Kajner is the result of many years of development work of which Laszlo Babella’s legendary aluminium paddle was the starting point.

The blade exhibits notably improved characteristics when compared to the Kajner 4. It possesses increased twist through all blade directions. A positive and fast catch without water lift at the exit.
The increased curve through the various directions of the blades increases its effectiveness. In total, fluid- dynamical measurements show a 15% improvement in performance compared to the equivalent Kajner 4 blade area. As the blade behaves neutrally in the water, it can stay close to the hull during the first half of the stroke, making it more efficient and more effective in producing force in the direction of kayak movement. If there is one blade shape that can make you rethink the paddle blade you have is the best, then this is it. In over three decades of paddling we can honestly say this blade shape is unique and the best shape we have ever used.


The Siklo Series adjustable paddle comes standard with our anodized aluminium adjustor (6061, hard anodized).


Blade Sizes:

Which blade size for me? We recommend you email or call us so that we can make the best recommendation for your needs. Below is a brief guide to help point you in the right direction.

  • XSmall - - 13.0 x 43.5cm - 650g+/-20g
  • Small - - 13.6 x 44.0cm - 670g+/-20g
  • Medium_s - - 13.6 x 46.0cm - 685g+/-20g
  • Medium_minus - - 13.9 x 47.0cm - 690g+/-20g
  • Medium - - 14.2 x 48.0cm - 700g+/-20g
  • Large - - 14.4 x 50.0cm - 710g+/-20
  • XLarge_s - - 15.0 x 50.0cm - 730g+/-20g
  • XLarge - - 15.0 x 52.0cm - 750g+/-20g

(*weights vary according to blade size, fixed and adjustable paddle length and shaft option)


Recommended sizing:

  • XSmall - 8-11year old girls and boys
  • Small - 11-15year old girls and boys
  • Medium_s - 11-15year old girls and boys
  • Medium - stronger females and smaller/medium strength males 
  • Large - medium to strong males
  • XLarge_s - strong males
  • XLarge - for big boys only


Shaft options:

100% Carbon Filament Wound, 1.0mm wall - as light as it gets

  • amazing light manufactured with a filament winding process that allows us to use a 45 degree orinetation of the carbon tow reducing the stiffness compared to typically mandrel wound carbon shafts of similar wall thickness
  • weight - 150g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft/medium flex


100% Basalt Filament Wound, 1.2mm wall - designed for those who need impact resistance

  • designed for surf paddling where impacts can occur, this Basalt fibre filament wound shaft is a medium weight shaft
  • weight - 240g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft/medium flex


100% Basalt Filament Wound, 1.0mm wall - designed for those who need maximum flex and a reasonably low weight

  • most suited to older or very young paddlers or those who need a shaft that wont stress the joints; not recommended for the stronger paddler
  • weight - 200g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft flex

    Kajner Siklo Series

    GST Included
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