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New 2022/23 Bull Max model available now. Pickup available Fingal Head, NSW, contact for freight cost for other locations.


One Silver and One Blue in Stock. Now with sliding bench included.


Please note: pricing make fluctuate due to AUD vs Euro and shipping costs. Our price will always better factory pricing once GST and customs fees are considered (already included in our price).


The KayakFirst Kayak Ergometer provides the most realistic on-water feel of any kayak ergometers available. The unique rope and pulley design allows the movement performed during the stroke to allow a feedback to the paddler which is unmatched on other ergometers.


Now with sliding bench as standard - imitates the back and forth movement of the boat on the water, for an even more realistic feeling



  • Compact size - depending on the paddling category 4sqm is required
  • High-positioned pulley provides a perfect water-catch; the best in the market
  • Easily adjusted and variable resistance; unique engineered air-brake flywheel
  • Quick release and adjustable footrest
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Nelo manufactured seat with fittings compatible with Nelo seats
  • Built-in color touch screen with custom setup possibilities; speed, duration, stroke rate, power, pace
  • Virtual opponent helps keep you motivated and train harder
  • Reliable and safe operation; covered ropes and flywheel setup
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy movement via attached wheels


KayakFirst Ergometer Videos:

Why use a paddling machine?

The KayakFirst Ergometer



  • Adjustable shaft length - allows resistance and accommodation of preferred paddle length


Use, maintenance & warranty:

  • What is the assembling time? 2-4 hours depending on your abilities.
  • How do you adjust the stroke resistance on the machine? Open or close the airflow. Open it to make it harder.
  • Is there a user manual/assembly manual? We provide video manuals. You can access the user manual and assembly manual via our website with an access key, after purchasing our machine. You find the access details on the invoice as well as on a piece of paper in the package.
  • Is it loud? No, the ergometer is relatively quiet, no louder than a working washing machine, and quieter than a hairdryer.
  • How long warranty is there? We give 6 months of warranty for ropes and bungee cords, 1 year for pulleys, bearings, and some other movable parts. 
  • What is the maintenance I should do on my ergometer, and how often? Not much you should do, just as on your bicycle or your car, make sure to keep it clean, avoid dust, and check sometimes the condition of the movable parts (pulleys, bearings, strings, and the rails).
  • Is it durable? Yes. We have machines many years old, still in use. General maintenance and keeping clean help a lot! Avoid humidity!
  • Who will maintain or repair my machine if there is a problem? The simplest is if you do that with the help of our video manuals, we provide the parts and if there is a dealer you can contact him for assistance.


Machine details:

  • Machine dimensions LxWxH: 194x61x96 cm
  • Max. space needed for use LxW: 194x180 cm
  • Total weight: 40 kg
  • Space taken if stored vertically LxW: 61x96 cm
  • Display’s battery life: max. 6 hours


Other information:

  • The machine is supplied with a magnetic charger with a 230V EU outlet connector. We do not provide an adapter to other standards.
  • Make sure that the magnetic charging cable is not dirty, otherwise the charger will not be able to charge at full capacity.
  • Do not store the machine with a fully discharged battery.
  • The machines come with the tools needed for assembling.
  • The assembly and other manuals are available on our website at a password protected page. We share this information with our customers on the final invoice.
  • The ergometer is not waterproof, avoid moisture.
  • We recommend using the machine with with a towel over the seat and bench area to prevent sweat pooling and potential corrosion.
  • The proximity to the sea and salty air may cause corrosion; use covers when not in use.

KayakFirst Kayak Ergometer "Bull Max" with sliding bench - 2022/23 Max Model

PriceFrom $4,350.00
GST Included
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