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The K1 43 was the first flatwater kayak design released by Nordic Kayaks and has now been joined by the faster and narrower K1 41.

The K1 43 is an extremely light, stable masters marathon K1 for racing and fitness. The extra stability provided by the 43cm bean provides for an extremely usable kayak in many conditions for a wide range of paddlers. Whereas the K1 41 is targeted towards the more competitive marathon paddlers who desire some more top end speed.

The hulls use the same design principles that have made the NK skis so successful. The full footplate posesses pedal steering for maximum control and provides tool-less adjustability. The seat is unique designed to provide for greater comfort and control when compared to standard K1 racing seats. The higher sides on the seat provide the paddler with greater ability to control the boat.


The constructions...well just like the NK ski range, they are at another level but the kayaks are manufactured in one-piece allowing for incredibly low weight and super strong kayaks.


The construction process - all NK skis are now made with autoclave and prepreg technique, a process often reserved for the aerospace industry and F1 cars. The high pressure (up to 4 x atmospheric pressure) and heat from the autoclave ensure the pre-impregnated fibres bond perfectly with the composite core creating a extra ordinary light but strong construction. This process is far superior to other techniques normally used for kayaks such as vacuum infusion or other hand lay up processes.


Some of the benefits of carbon fibre prepreg autoclaved composites are:

  • zero voids - reduce possibility of delaminations and air bubble related issues
  • improved ability to conform cores and fabrics to tight curvatures in-mold; again less chance of voids and weak spots
  • excellent fatigue resistance
  • controlled laminate thickness


In short our kayaks are lighter, stiffer and stronger. With a polyurethane painted seamless finish to match, the line between sports equipment and a work of art may have been crossed.


Nordic Kayaks Nitro surfskis are available in these prepreg heat cured autoclave constructions:

  • CarbonX: Weight max 7 kg - 100% UD prepreg carbon one-piece construction. Clear carbon (UV exposure can harm epoxy, needs to be stored out of direct sunlight)
  • CarbonLite: Weight max 7.5 kg - 100% UD prepreg carbon construction with a high quality foam core. Ice White, Dolphin Grey or Stealth Black (matte) 2 pack paint finish

Nordic Kayaks K1 41 & K1 43

PriceFrom $5,795.00
GST Included
Nose Colour
Boat body colour
  • Features include:

    • Carbon fibre footrest and self adjusting lines
    • Carbon fibre adjustable seat - designed to provide additonal support and control
    • Marathon rudder (as standard)
    • NK/deBrito rudder yoke for a wheel type feel when steering
    • Optional - The new foot-controlled deBrito bailer, the most efficient and sought after bailer on the market

    K1 43

    • Stability factor: 2/10 (1 = elite sprint kayak, 10 = stable sea kayak)
    • Length: 520 cm
    • Beam: 43 cm
    • Recommended paddler weight: > 70 kg
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