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A leash is arguably the most essential piece of safety equipment for open water paddling, possibly only second to a PFD. The Nordic Kayaks Calf Leash was designed with very deliberate features and specifications for open water paddling, downwind as well as leisure paddling.


Compact and simple to use.


The Nordic kayaks Calf Leash is a one-piece leash designed with a unique quick rip release and attach system.


By strategically placing a prominent pull tab next to the swivel attachment you can be sure to easily release or attach the calf strap.


The light green coiled polyurethane cord is combined with a stainless steel double-swivel system.



  • Specifically designed calf strap keeps swivel point and release tab front and centre
  • Prominent, easy to locate Rip Release Tab
  • Double swivel design prevents twisting and tangling
  • High stretch polyurethane cord
  • High density, cross-weaved webbing
  • Designed to be used for everyday paddling and racing
  • Low profile design to be less obtrusive for racers
  • Velcro and string attachment point for multiple versions to attach



  • Rinse your Nordic Kayaks calf leash with fresh water after every use to ensure continued optimal functionality.
  • Always inspect your leash before paddling.
  • Practice attaching and releasing the calf strap before use.


Safety warning:

  • This device is designed as an OPEN WATER TETHER ONLY.
  • IT IS NOT DESIGNED to be load or force bearing and will snap under load or force.
  • Train yourself to not lose your craft in the event of capsizing without relying on a leash. That is your primary safety responsibility. Your leash is only a fall-back safety option when capsizing.

Nordic Kayaks Life Line Calf/Leg Leash

GST Included
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