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The Nordic Kayaks Transport Sock/Cover is designed to protect your surfski while being transported or stored. The knitted surfski sock is manufactured from a high grade nylon and bulked acrylic yarns. The white Nylon backing with its cross-weave knit gives the material it’s stretch, while the inter-woven acrylic “terry-toweling” bulk gives a UV stable and low water absorption outer surface.


Available in two sizes and colours with saftey flag included.



  • Manufactured from  high grade nylon and bulked acrylic yarns
  • Padded nose protection with included strap to take up excess cloth
  • Safety flag included attached to transport sock tail
  • Available in two sizes
    • skis<580cm
    • skis>580cm
  • Available in two colours
    • Green
    • Pink

Please note: designed for storage under cover, not out in the weather

Nordic Kayaks Transport Sock/Cover

GST Included
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