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The Nordic Kayaks carbon weed deflector is designed to be a universal weed deflector that will fit most skis/kayaks and rudder setups. This extremely lightweight carbon deflector has a slim profile and can be easily sanded to fit perfectly with most rudders.



  • Carbon Fibre
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile = less drag
  • Dimensions - approx 27mm long, 20mm wide, 35mm high

Nordic Kayaks Weed Deflector

GST Included
  • Flat surfaces - The weed deflectors possess a double sided adhesive backing which will best adhere on a completely flat surface. The deflector should be left in position for at least 24hours to allow the adhesive to set before being used in water.

    Curved surfaces – If bonding to a hull which has a slightly curved surface where deflector is to be placed, it is advised to scrape the double sided adhesive off the deflector and use an epoxy or superglue to adhere to the hull. To prevent permanent adhesion it is advised to use a PVC duct tape on the hull before gluing. Superglue will effectively adhere to this.

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