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The SmartTrack Foil Blade looks faster because it is faster.


The molded rudder blade is foil shaped so water moves across with less turbulence. Compared to ordinary flat aluminum blades, this design reduces drag and significantly increases turning efficiency; the SmartTrack Foil Blade has a unique foil shape that turns kayaks/skis 32% more efficiently and reduces drag by 25% compared to flat aluminium blades.


When not in use, its slim profile also exposes less surface area to crosswind drag.


Unique tension spring holds the blade vertical while allowing it to retract under pressure. 


Less is more - the low pivot point creates less windage than over-centre rudder systems.


Available in 3 options:

  • Short (28cm)
  • Single (34cm)
  • Tandem (42cm)

SmartTrack Foil Blades (Rudder Blades)

PriceFrom $15.00
GST Included
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