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The Tripper 0.5 Litre MacMarathon Drink System/Bladder is specifically designed for kayak, canoe and ocean ski racing. The unit consists of a 0.5 litre bladder with a stiff loop which can be easily popped over the competitor’s head at portage.  The unit is available in a range of colours to assist competitors in identifying their drink of choice.



  • Transparent plastic card holder for inserting the competitor’s name and/or drink sequence.  
  • Velcro loop to keep drinking tube close to the mouth.  
  • The liquid supply is controlled by a ratchet clamp which allows for a very fast one handed operation. 
  • The ratchet clamp has the duel function of allowing the user to adjust the length of the drinking tube to individual requirements.
  • The unit is extremely sturdy and will easily survive exceptionally robust usage on the transitions. 
  • A filler funnel is supplied for easy filling of the  drinking system.

Tripper 0.5 Litre MacMarathon Drinking System/Bladder

GST Included
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