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The ZSS Dragon Boat paddles are constructed with class leading technology and represent amazing value for elite and novice dragon boat paddlers alike.


Manufactured using 100% pre-preg carbon fibre material sandwiching a high-density foam core and processed in heated alloy molds, these paddles utilise the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes available.


ZSS offers three Dragon Boat Paddle models in its range:

  1. DB Extreme - the lightest paddle available for ultimate performance
  2. DB Extreme Adjustable - amazing weight with the ability to alter paddle length
  3. DB Race - manuafctured with the same process as the Extreme models for those who want to compromise on price but not performance



  • IDBF 202a Spec approved
  • Extremely light - The pre-preg carbon sandwiching the high density foam core bonded in an epoxy matrix make these paddles amazingly light but strong.
    • ZSS DB Extreme Model 330g - one-piece shaft and blade construction; the world's lightest Dragon Boat Paddle
    • ZSS DB Extreme Adjustable Model - 360g - one-piece shaft and blade construction with adjustable length
    • ZSS DB Race Model 380g - two-piece shaft and blade construction
  • Sharp entry - The DB Extreme is designed to have the sharpest possible edge while still meeting IDBF regulations. This ensures the blade exhibits a very clean entry and exit.
  • Efficient blade face concave - changes to the IDBF 202a spec in 2009 has allowed for greater concavity in the blade. This enables the blade to hold the water on the face for longer and with greater stability in the stroke. In short, you can generate more power with every stroke.
  • Ergonomic grip – The DB extreme comes with an Ergonomic T-grip for better feel and sustained comfort.
  • Stealth finish - Clear Matte Black finish coat over a 3k pre-preg carbon


What length paddle for me?

Paddle length depends on a lot of factors including where you sit in the boat, types of boats you are in, paddling style, crew and your body type.


Recommeded ways to determine paddle length:

On Land:

  • Pick a paddle with a length that would approximately suit your height.
  • Hold the paddle as you would when paddling.
  • Raise the paddle up high and then rest the middle of the shaft on top of your head. When you are holding the paddle, your outside hand should be 5-7cm above the blade; depending on your personal preference for hand placement.
  • If both arms form roughly 90 degree bends then the paddle is about the right length for your body. If your arm bends are greater than 90 degrees, the selected paddle length is too long. If your arm bends are less than 90 degrees then the selected paddle length is too short.
  • Please remember this is an approximate measure.


When seated in a dragon boat:

  • In a fully loaded boat in your correct sitting position, let go of your top hand and extend your outside arm forward so it is parallel to the water/boat.
  • Now flip the paddle so that the T-handle is pointing down.
  • Now the top of the T-handle should be near or almost touching the water...that will be the length.
  • If you have broader than average shoulders, go to the high end of the range.
  • If you have a longer torso than average for your height, go to the high end of the range.


  • IDBF Regulations limit paddle lengths to within the range of 42-51"

ZSS Dragon Boat Paddles

PriceFrom $220.00
GST Included
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