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*Please note - designed specifically to reduce the hard impact of stiffer blades for flatwater use; not surf or river racing. The construction is not designed to tolerate braces and unusual forces to the blade.


The Infinity Light is a modification on on Genesis Evo shape but constructed to be more flexible and softer for paddlers. The blades exhibits all the same positive characteristics of the Genesis Evo blade; enhanced the stability at the front of the stroke, solid pull phase and smooth exit. We modified the manufacturing to allow the blade to be softer, specifically targetting those paddlers who aren't as young as they used to be and require a softer and lighter blade in the water. These paddles are not recommended for use in situations where high loads may be applied to the back of the blade.


The ZSS carbon fibre paddles represent the highest quality in construction and finish. Aero-grade quality carbon fibre cloth with an epoxy matrix. Machined aluminium heated molds provide the ability to produce a superb gloss finish. The construction of these blades is made to the specifications of Zenith Sport Sciences and is designed for paddlers by a paddler. This is not an off-the shelf product.


The Infinity Light blades are available with a round shaft option and the adjustable paddle comes standard with our anodized aluminium (6061 hard anodized) adjustor.

Available in one size.


Blade Sizes:

Which blade size for me? We recommend you email or call us so that we can make the best recommendation for your needs. Below is a brief guide to help point you in the right direction.


Small/Medium - - 15.6 x 48.0cm - 700g+/-20

(*weights vary according to blade size, fixed and adjustable paddle length and shaft option)


Small/Medium - smaller and recreational male paddlers, strong females


Shaft options:

100% Basalt Filament Wound, 1.0mm wall - designed for those who need maximum flex and a reasonably low weight.

Most suited to paddlers who need a shaft that wont stress the joints.

weight - 200g (115cm)

appearance - black

soft flex

ZSS Infinity Light Series

PriceFrom $290.00
GST Included
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