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The ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass Series blade paddle is a small tear drop shape that is designed for maximum durability and value for money. The blades are manufactured under compression using a fibreglass reinforced nylon material. The process allows for a wing blade which is flexible and able to tolerate a lot of punishment.


 The ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass Series blade is available in a single blade size with a round shaft option and the adjustable paddle comes standard with our flip-lock plastic adjustor. 


Blade Size:

Which blade size for me? We recommend you email or call us so that we can make the best recommendation for your needs. Below is a brief guide to help point you in the right direction.

  • Small - - 14.4 x 45.0cm - 960g+/-20g

(*weights vary according to blade size, fixed and adjustable paddle length and shaft option)


Shaft options:

100% Basalt Filament Wound, 1.2mm wall - designed for those who need impact resistance

  • designed for surf paddling where impacts can occur, this Basalt fibre filament wound shaft is a medium weight shaft
  • weight - 240g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft/medium flex


100% Fibreglass Mandrel Wound, 1.5mm wall - designed for those who need maximum strength and flex

  • more flexible and heavier than the basalt option but more impact resistant
  • weight - 260g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft flex

    ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass Paddle

    PriceFrom $125.00
    GST Included
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