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The ZSS Outrigger provides everything an outrigger paddler might be looking for.

This lightweight composite blade has rails running down the face to prevent water slipping off the middle of the blade. The ridged back ensure the blade has the stiffness and strength for even the strongest of paddlers. Combined with a lightweight but strong carbon bent shaft, the ergonomics and performance characteristics are taken care of.



  • Gloss finish blade and shaft
  • Compression molded blade technology
    • constructed from high modulus carbon fibre sandwiching a PMI foam core for reduced weight and added strength and stiffness
  • Double-Bend lightweight pre-preg carbon fibre shaft for improved ergonomics and power production
  • Pre-preg carbon fibre contoured handle


Blade Sizes:

  • XS (22cm x 50cm, or 113
  • S (23cm x 50cm, or 120
  • M (24cm x 50cm, or 124
  • L (25cm x 50cm, or 130

ZSS Outrigger Paddle

$400.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
GST Included
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