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The ZSS Touring Series is designed accomodate paddlers looking for a blade with enough power to get them through their journey while accomodating low angle strokes for more relaxed paddling. 


The ZSS Touring series blades are constructed using the latest in compression molding technology to provide a blade that represents the highest quality in construction and finish.

A CNC machined high-density foam core is sandwiched by quality fibre cloth with an epoxy matrix. Machined aluminium heated molds provide the ability to produce a superb gloss finish. Reinforcing is provided in critical areas to ensure these blades will stand up to the rigors of everyday touring. 


  • A Fiberglass blade construction with a high performing epoxy matrix provides paddlers with a great balance between swing weight and value
  • Mid-size blades fit the widest range of paddlers
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling
  • Accurate and tested construction to optimise blade strength and flex 
  • Brightly colored translucent fiberglass laminate blades - available in translcent fading blue, green/yellow and yellow/red
  • The adjustable flip Lock system (6061 hard anodized) allows for up to 10cm of adjustment


Paddle Specifications:

  • Shaft option: Straight
  • Adjustable (please contact us directly for fixed length enquiries)
  • Approx. Weight Grams: 820g
  • Feather Angle: Flip Lock adjustable to any angle
  • Blade Surface Area: 650 cm2
  • Blade Dimensions: 52cm x 16.5cm

(*weights vary according to paddle length and shaft option)


Shaft options:

100% Carbon Filament Wound, 1.0mm wall - as light as it gets

  • amazing light manufactured with a filament winding process that allows us to use a 45 degree orinetation of the carbon tow reducing the stiffness compared to typically mandrel wound carbon shafts of similar wall thickness
  • weight - 150g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft/medium flex


100% Basalt Filament Wound, 1.0mm wall - designed for those who need maximum flex and a reasonably low weight

  • most suited to older or very young paddlers or those who need a shaft that wont stress the joints; not recommended for the stronger paddler
  • weight - 200g (115cm)
  • appearance - black
  • soft flex

    ZSS Touring Series

    PriceFrom $360.00
    GST Included
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